Ghost from the past, stop chasing me...
Quit from being my shadow....
Leave me alone....
I am sick and tired of being a coward.

Ghost from the past,
I am drowning...
because of you, I've lost me..

Help me,
Teach me how to trust once again...
Teach me to open my heart...
Teach me how to love again....
Teach me to live without you.....

-I want to live-

Dear Mr Past,

Be Happy,
If you think you are THAT Good
Then be happy....

Be Happy,
If you think I'd chose you because of your physical attribution,
THINK again,
and smile..

Be Happy,
You have no rights on me
My misery is your happiness,
and that was it all about since the day we were together

Be Happy,
If you think you were there
when God almost took me away
then be happy, you're Good indeed...

Be Happy,
If you were there to console me on that tragic night
Of blood and my suffering... you WEREN'T there...
You're the best.. be happy

Be Happy,
If you think you are THAT good
THINK again...

I'd walked away because I did THINK about it..
My bad, I'd failed to discover you..The Very Good person.

Be Happy!!
Appreciate that Trophy of yours... For when I was leaving... I THINK TWICE before I did. I am sure I did =)

I started to lose my sanity..for unknown reason. I started chasing him away from me.. for unknown reason.. I am afraid of losing, hurting..failing... I am afraid of loving for loving may be painful at times.

I am afraid...

The sun wasn't so generous,

The moon was unwilling to show its' face,
Her heart was possessed by the darkness,
Longing for the light to brightened pieces of a broken hope.

Life was nothing but an empty space,

She existed under the dark-sunny day,
Feeling nothing but numbness,
Her soul had stopped living.

It was the day for her suffering to fade away,
She smiled weakly the fate awaiting her,
She had lost the meaning and love of her life,
Her heart was rotten inside,"Take my soul, I'm coming to meet you"

Now, she is no longer there,

Her misery had faded away,
But her tale will never perish,
She is the lady in the cold-bright day...

1Misz Khazanah-

Life has never been simpler.. Well, i'm not quite a blogger anyhow.. I'll just start writing whenever I feel like I want to let out my long overload pent up emotions.. You see, I've been very busy these few weeks.. very very busy I shall say.. I have tons and tons of assignments waiting to be touched and completed.. Sometimes I wish I could have just shrink so that my lecturers can never see me. Hence, I can break away from those piling absurd head-cracking assignments... Hehehe.. but that'll be a bit ludicrous aite? =P I should set my foot back to the ground ( a very2 parched n scorching s.a ground.. Urghh!! I hate it)

but, i'm done with negativity.. Life is just is a matter of living. It is always up to us to choose whether or not to enjoy our lives and make full use of it .. Do we want to achieve anything in life or just sit and stare waiting for the angel of Death to take us away? The answer lies in your own hand.. As for me... I have made my decision..(at least I'll stick to it for now). I can picture myself in 10 years from now.. at the age of 33, I really wish that I'd finished doing my PHD. I dream of becoming an Associate Professor, Dr Noorkhazanah Kiflee.. Hihi..

See.. This is the problem with me.. I dream big.. and I do sound ambitious at times.. But I believe that there is nothing wrong with having such a high ambition.. It motivates us to keep on moving forward. It'll serve as an impetus for me to work hard and achieve what I've been craving for, SUCCESS!!! =P

God.. I feel like really flying now.. Hahaha! Everything sounds so perfect.. What a sweet reverie.. In life, there are elements which keep us balance.. It's what people call 'The Yin and Yang' of life... Despite all of those big dreams I have.. I am still coping with my 'malas' nature=P I am very tired of being here.. and honestly, the only thing which has stopped me from giving up, is my dream.. My dream is all that I have now.. and I pray that I could turn my dream into reality..

Dear myself.. Please cope with these pressures.. It'll only last for a few more months.. Brace yourself and aim high. Dream Big! That's the word (^^)

No smile, cold greetings,
masquerade parody
every sunshine.

You and I
Under the shade of this
Morning bliss.

That's the end of my reverie
My futile efforts, My always
and never ending capitulations..

Oh, my morning bliss
Send me my sunshine
and enlightened this 'marital bliss'....

..... I actually wrote this poem months ago. Inspired by a husband and wife whom I meet at this one particular school. Looking at them really makes my mind spinning, not dizzy but because there are hundreds and thousands of questions rushing through my head, searching for the answer. How can it be, they are husband and wife, teaching at the same school...yet, it seems like there's no spark at all when they look at each other. Should'nt they be happy together or whatsoever?? frankly, I am afraid. I'm afraid that I'll be just like them.. It's a nightmare.. anyhow, Hope you guys enjoy my poem =)

It feels awkward to be who I am right now...
It's just freaking fun and exciting.
You know what?? I'm done with you..
yes you!!.

All the burden, torment, confusion,
Have gone away...
Its freakin' awkward to say this...
But it's a relief.

I' done with you...
Yes, YOU!
Good Bye N..

I'm done with you!!